A Guide To Finding The Best Glass Contractor To Replace Your Windows

residential-windowFinding the best glass contractor in Vancouver BC is not easy as what it seems. There are hundreds that you can choose from but finding the one that stands out is hard. Not all but there will be some who would just like to take advantage of you. There are some pointers to take into consideration when you look for a glass contractor.

The Choice

Before you go out on a hunt to find the best glass contractor, make sure that you have already decided which glass product you will use.  Glass contractors are somehow like doctors. They have their area of specialization. After making up your mind then you can start filtering your candidates. Check their specialty and choose accordingly.

The Proposal

Now that you have your short-listed candidates, it’s time to request a proposal. The whole plan should be laid out so you can see the timetable, expenses, and manpower. Avoid getting tricked or taken advantage of. These days others will take every chance they get to gain more but work less. This way, you can also get the most reasonable price for the best job done.


The glass product you chose has a guarantee, which is given. It is important that you can also get the same from your contractor. Find the contractor that can give you at least three years that if anything goes wrong, they can have it fixed free of charge. You did not just pick up your money from the streets. Choose the best to make every penny worth it. You can also have an assurance that the contractor is credible if they can take responsibility for their work.


Most websites offer you what the previous clients have to say. We all know that those statements are filtered. It is always the best things forward. The best tip I can give you with this is to find people you know. Look for people who will provide you the truth when it comes to their experience with the said contractor. Ask around and if the contractor you are eyeing for means no monkey business, you can hear it for yourself.  Ensure also that you are getting the very best quality windows available – you don’t want something cheap that’s going to need replacing in a couple of years.


For your safety of interest, make sure to validate everything.  Look and request a copy of their license to operate and the proof that their company is insured and their glass technicians have the necessary insurance to ensure safety and liability is taken care of. It can easily be said that they have all the requirements, but it is always better to be on the safe side. Nobody knows what can happen in the future.

Years of Operation

If you are down with the just a few choices, the tie breaker is the experience of the company. A young group of 3 years versus the longest running glass contractor in town that has already been an institution that has been around for more than 40 years. We both know that there is a reason why they are still standing still. They are where they are if they have already proven something. The quality and excellence must be put into consideration if you want to get the best of the best.

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