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How much can a luxury home renovation cost?

Renovating your home isn’t cheap, especially if It’s a luxurious one. But spending the money is worth it as it will add a lot of value in future. Before you begin your renovation project, you need to have a budget. It is better to calculate the cost of restoration by square meter. Your budget should include decoration, replacement doors, storage, new wardrobe, wooden flooring, lighting and rewiring, structural work, professional fees, etc. If you are looking for the best Kelowna home renovation contractors then look no further. Call them today and they will be sure to take care of your luxury home renovation requirements.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is a prime area that you should consider renovating. You can have marble flooring and natural marble, granite or limestone tiles. You can add hot water system, floor heating, sauna, and Jacuzzi. You can have top quality granite or marble counter tops. You should use solid wood for cabinetry. All the fittings must be of a renowned brand. You need to improve the lighting and do small fixtures and finishes. You All these will cost between $30,000 to $100,000 or even more.

Kitchen renovation

For a luxurious kitchen makeover, you need to change everything in your kitchen, from sink to air ducts. You can have wooden floors, a chandelier, stone counters, Oriental rug, etc. You should have beautifully crafted cabinetry so that your kitchen looks unique. Your stove should be of a renowned brand. You can have built-in appliances that you can hide behind wooden doors. This kind of luxurious kitchen will cost $100,000 or more.

Bedroom renovation

A high-end master bedroom will cost $60,000 and above.You can have wallpaper, porcelain tile floors, granite countertop, etc. You can have new furniture, improve lighting, etc. You can have a new heating system and under floor heating as well.

You must hire an expert to renovate your house. He or she will give you a plan, budget, and time-frame to complete the work. You should consider the hidden costs associated with home renovation. You should take into account minor works like plumbing or re-wiring. You can do other remodeling tasks like adding a sun deck, swimming pool, sitting place in the garden, converting basement room to a new bedroom, etc. You can also add an extra bathroom, expand your kitchen or living space, etc. Home renovation can get you good value when you sell it. You can increase the value of your home by 60% by renovating your kitchen and bathroom. The renovation also enhances the appeal of your house, stands out from your neighbors’ homes and make living more comfortable and luxurious. If you have the budget, you can let your imagination flow and come up with excellent renovation ideas for your home.

A West Kelowna luxury home renovation firm can help you in every respect of home improvement. Start to Finish Construction will tell you about the top home product manufacturers so that you can decorate your home with the best things available in the market. So, get in touch with an expert today.

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